Termination of Pregnancy for Medical Reasons Support (TFMR) 

The following groups meet periodically on evenings or Sundays. Groups are semi-structured in format with most discussion topics determined by participants. Please get in touch for more details.  You must have a screening interview by phone to join as a new member.

Support After TFMR

This group is for those who have terminated a pregnancy for a medical reason and wish to explore feelings of grief as well as other feelings that can be difficult to talk about such as anger and jealousy.  Common topics in this group are pathways to healing, managing triggers, partner differences in coping, and readiness to try again.  

Next group:  September 16th, 7:00-8:30 pm


Pregnancy After TFMR

This group is for those who are pregnant again subsequent to TFMR.  The focus is on managing fear and anxiety in the new pregnancy while fostering hope, optimism, and resilience.  

Next group: September 21st 9:30-11 am


Parenting After TFMR

This group is for new and former group members who want to discuss how TFMR has affected their parenting and ways in which their grief has transformed after their "rainbow”has safely arrived.

Next group: October 6th, 3:45-5:15 pm

The following group is currently seeking new members:

Support for Survivor Moms

This group is for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, or rape who are currently pregnant or considering pregnancy.  The group aims to provide support and empowerment to women who are at various points on the journey to motherhood.  We will use Penny Simkin's book "When Survivors Give Birth" as a resource.  Adjunct individual therapy is recommended for group participants.  Session day and time will be determined by members' schedules.